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Leverage  the Power of Understanding Customers

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A Fresh Look at Customers

Key Constituency Interaction

New Unique Opportunities

New Ways and Approaches



Commitment and Momentum

How MAsters Alliance can help you understand the character of the customer

Masters Moment - Beyond Demographics
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In just three months, you helped us drive average technical response time from 6 hours to less than 10 minutes.

President, Carpenter Technology

“…helped us coordinate significant, quick customer linkages and company improvements across seven countries in the European Union"

CEO, Microsoft Central Europe 
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The Program

Masters Alliance works with your team to understand customers and take action - through implementing the plan. 


MAsters Alliance

J. Allen is the founding partner of Masters Alliance Consultancy LLC. For the past thirty years, he has helped over one hundred organizations in 20 industries, in 13 countries gain a competitive market advantage through a unique understanding of a business’s customers, markets, and competitors.


J. is driven by experience that tough markets aren’t an acceptable excuse for stalled momentum—and that breakthroughs are around every corner.

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